Sacred Sol Healing Institute
"Heal Ourselves, Heal the World"
When we honor ourselves, we honor the universe & all that resides in it
Sacred Sol Healing Provides: 
Healthy Reprogramming for a Balanced Life as We Thrive and Grow in Unity~

My WorkI am a reprogramming specialist. I specialize in the energetic body. I have spent years and countless hours studying to master the skills, knowledge, wisdom and certifications required to perform and develop this unique holistic healing system MHIR, Mindful Heart Intelligence Reprogramming. I facilitate reprogramming and release of harmful behavioral patterns, including all forms of addiction through MHIR, liberating and opening clients to their full potential, allowing for a balanced healthy life.
Renee Frye 
Master Reiki Shaman Healer Liaison
▪ Usui Reiki Master/Teacher & Jikiden Reiki Practitioner 
 ▪RYT Yoga Instructor/Teacher & Meditational Guide
▪ Plant Medicine/Essential Oil Educator
 ▪ Life Management Coach & Inner Child Guide    

"Heal Ourselves, Heal the World"
Objective: Guiding all to cultivate love, strength, 
compassion & gratitude towards themselves & others
Mantra: “Walking In Beauty” Awakening Our Consciousness, Our Divine Beauty, Our Infinite Purpose

Summary: Healing comes from the inside out, I believe in Mindful Healing on all levels. 
I have developed the MHIR healing system, this system involves a variety of  healing modalities and techniques that allow DNA reprogramming to take place in our energetic system,
which then translates to our physical world. 
Within the MHIR system, my unique life guidance coaching, facilitates a new perspective as we learn to embrace our true self (mhir), opening the path to integrating our heart and mind, reinventing and reestablishing our relationship with ourselves and others in a healthy, balanced, productive manner.  A wellness approach that embraces the essence of who you are at your most authentic, your true self (mhir). As we gain access to our own wisdom, we learn to Walk in Beauty. 

I am a Transformation Liaison, I do not promote or discourage religious or spiritual beliefs in my classes, they are based on heart intelligence and mindfulness of body and 
breath, the rest is open to each individual